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This bike is nice, but really not very exciting ...

Driving experience:

Engine: Not one of my favourites. Delivers reasonably well in the middle range (5 - 8000 rpm), but lacks the punch when approaching the rew limiter ...

Chassis: Performs well, but I wonder if this would be the case with increased power ?

Suspension and brakes: I found suspension a bit soft, but didn't have the time or the inclination to try to correct this. Front brakes are OK, but rear locks up too fast (just maybe I was pushing ?) ...

Driving: For me this was quite a comfortable ride. OK the foot rests are mounted high, but still I could ride for hours at a time with no stress ... I really missed a digital watch ...

General specifications:

  • 80HP (10500 rpm)

  • 37,4 Nm (4200 rpm)

  • 200 kg

  • Top speed 215 Km/h

  • Ground clearance is great

  • Cheap (buy and own)

  • Very reasonable fuel consumption


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