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My RF900R 1999

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I am currently in the process of breaking in this beautiful bike, and will complete my comments later this summer. However this is PURE PLEASURE ! The first 800 km were completed without exceeding the advised max rpm of 6000. It was a relief for the first time to let the engine rew to 9000, and I now look forward to 1600 km, when I can really let this wonderful engine run. It was shure worth waiting for - YESS !

Driving experience: No problems encountered so far. I'm so far close to 4000 km, and enjoying every millimeter of it ... The last part of the '99 season was simply fantastic. Beautiful weather and a clear (and cool) sky, provided for a set of very exciting trips across southern Norway. One of my favourites must be Rv 4 Minnesund - Gjøvik,  with alternative routes to get back home.

One discovery I have made this season is that this bike is (very) fast. I think maybe this in some distant (or not so) future will make me have to find a somewhat more sedate model (to own). If anybody (out there) have a recepy for keeping the bike and avoiding serving time for speeding ... please mail me !

Put up the bike for winter storage in October, and have my focus set on March 2000 ... my hopes are for a short and furious winter ... early spring ... and a long, long sunny summer !

2000: No such luck. This summer was, wet wet wet. However ... need for speed ... never seems to just go away. Got some very interesting rides along the fjords in western parts of Norway. As always travelling at the "speed of light" this made some memorable moments. Love the bike ... oh yeah !

Got a bit of excitement ending this years season when I was pulled up by "uncle". Probably at the end of 4.th gear at this stage, but got off witht a verbal reprimand ... lucky !?!

2001: I'm in heaven ... or so it seams. The sun is shining, and I'm getting all the dry road miles I've been craving for. Have to admit, I'm beginning to feel the need for more power ? what ?

Summer vacations, Norway, Sweeden, Denmark, no sweat, pure pleasure.

2002: The best season yet. I finally am able to get the most out of this truely awesome bike. Am fiddeling with all the amusing stuff, you know, rolling burnouts, wheelies, stoppies (not yet great), and generally driving with as we say in Norway "stram wire" !

My most memorable moment however was when I got passed running flat out on RV15 Strynefjellet. You want to know what managed to kick my ass, a F16 fighter jet passing so low I kind of felt the jet stream. WOW! The pilot probably just wanted to scare the shit out of me, but he failed miserably ... it was just exciting !!!

Summer vacations, only Norway and Sweeden this year, but still no sweat, pure pleasure.

2003: Early start this season in March. However the weather has been miserable, wet and cold. Hope for improvement soon ... I am definitely getting to enjoy using the bike for travelling to and from work. This is just a fantastic start of every day, or at least when the weather  is acceptable. Just hope it doesn't end in tears as I tend to get inspirated ...

Finally thought I had found the perfect replacement for the RF, but sadly the SV1000S did not meet my requirements for passenger comfort and baggage. Otherwise the bike is a gem, and I found it very relaxing to ride in direct comparison to the RF. I was very pleased to just cruise with small power surges in relatively low revs to get the satisfying growl from the well balanced twin engine. On top there was little or no exitement, which would have been just perfect for me.

Summer holidays sadly this year included little MC touring. When I had the opportunity the weather was just awful.

2004: Still using the bike to and from work and enjoying it even more than last year. This will have to be considered when and if I find a suitable replacement for the RF. I am considering swapping it for a new VFR 800, but have not so far been able to make up my mind. I would love to continue my excellent relationship with my current dealer, MC Oslo, but see no alternatives in Suzukis current model range.

Summer holidays even this year ended up on four wheels. Visited Adenau & the NordSchleife and plan to make a return trip on two wheels next year if possible.

2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008: Limited seasons due to serious illness and surgery. Only very short pleasure rides in perfect weather when possible.

2009: Left bike in storage over the summer due to hospitalization, and health problems. Hope for better luck next year ;-)

2010 and 2011: Limited seasons due to serious illness and recent surgery. Only very short pleasure rides in perfect weather whenever possible.

Engine: I'm still awed by the power delivered by this incredible machine. An old saying in Norway goes - Much wants more - but I'm still really content in this area. However I'm adjusting fast, and has lately tended to really "hit it", also in gear 1 and 2. Acceleration is brutal, even with a passenger on the back.

Chassis: I definitely trust this bike. Rock solid even when I push.

Suspension/brakes/tyres: Suspension with factory settings suit me just fine. Maybe I will start experimenting next season, but for now I'm just happy. Brakes are great, maybe just a bit too great, but what the heck. A little lock up at the front is what makes your heart beat just a little bit faster. However the stock tyres don't impress me very much,.Dunlop Sportmax. I more than suspect that they are the reason for the slight nervousness, and my single incident with this bike ... lost the rear accelerating hard in second gear in a really exciting and familiar turn (still one of my favourites) ... but somehow managed to save it !

Dunlop is out, Michelin is in, 2001. Stability is improved, especially at really high speed. Hope for better mileage. Excellent mileage on this set of tyres. However uneven wear on front tyre created instability the last 1000 miles or so. New set of tyres, 2003, is Pilot Sport up front and Macadam 100X back. So far my impression is very positive. I think this is an excellent combination. New rubber 2010, this time Bridgestone front & rear. Impressive performance on bad tarmac theese :-)

Driving: Just love it so far. This bike fits me like a glove. I don't get tired and it seems I can ride for ever and ever. Instruments are the bare necessities but I've complemented with a clock ...

General specifications:

  • 135,2 HP (10.210 rpm)

  • 103,1 Nm (8.490 rpm)

  • 203 kg

  • Top speed 259 Km/h

  • Acceleration ... WOW ...

  • Acceptable price

  • Looks like a two wheel Ferrari


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