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This must be my favorite Bike - Kawasaki ZZR600 1998 model. This is a bike that offers awesome power (for a 600), superb handling and excellent economy. Still I haven't made up my mind just yet, so I am currently on a rental basis. This will probably also be my position for next season (1999).

Driving experience:

Engine: The power plant in this machine delivers lots of sheer fun. It is however a 600cc engine with limited torque and is therefore in need of relatively high rpm to really deliver. From about 8.000 rpm and into the red zone at 14.000 rpm the ZZR600 is at its best.

Chassis: As far as I can tell this is rock solid. The bike is experienced as very stable at all speeds, and I must confess that I really didn't have the guts to push this machine even close to its limits.

Suspension and brakes: The brakes are more than adequate at normal speeds, but I found an annoying and quite frankly problematic vibration/instability when braking at very high speed. Probably specific for this bike and could be due to slight imbalance in brake discs or even tyres ? Suspension is fully adjustable, both front and rear, and needs to be set up properly/correct. Failing to tighten suspension when adding a passenger or lots of baggage leaves you with a rather saggy/unstable bike.

Driving: Riding this bike is quite comfortable for a person of medium height (I am 178cm tall). I noted however leg problems when riding for extended periods (hours without stop). Tall riders will probably suffer more. Instrumentation and controls are familiar for persons who have used other Kawasaki models. The rev meter includes a digital clock. This is useful when you ride for extended periods (touring).

General specifications:

  • 100HP / 74Kw

  • 195 kg

  • 0-200 Km/h in 11.1 seconds

  • Top speed 258 Km/h

  • Superb handling

  • Affordable price

  • Reasonable fuel consumption


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