Music - Tyros - MP3

Background music is a short sample (low quality) of Mykje Lys og Mykje Varme. Still quite a large file > 2 megs. If anybody knows about a usable compressed format for background music - email me.

Always On My Mind Smile
Daniel Sun Street
Du skal ikkje sova bort sumarnatta Svalbard Tema
Five Foot Two Take On Me
Georgia On My Mind The Final Countdown
Green Green Grass of Home There Must Be An Angel
I Just Called To Say ILove You Våren
Motherless Child Waiting For The Morning
Mykje Lys og Mykje Varme Wave
Mærk Hur Vår Skugga When Tomorrow Comes
Om Kvelden Når Det Mørknar Why Worry
The Joker Øppna Landskap