My Biography

This is the story of my life, which hopefully is ongoing. However I'm inclined to take risks so it just might stop abruptly (crash, boom, bang). Skip to the bottom to see recent additions ...

**** The Early Years

1957 - 1974
  • Born 30. October 1957
  • Lived on a small farm in Hornindal with my grandparents
  • Elementary school (9 years) in Hornindal
1974 - 1983
  • High school (Examen Artium) at Nordfjordeid 1974 - 1976
  • Studied music (church organ) at Toneheim 1976 - 1977
  • Internal education program in the Post Office 1977 - 1983
  • Project Management sertification at Metier 2005 - 2007
  • Project Management and Risk Management at HiO 2006 - 2008

**** The Middle Years

1979 - 1988
  • Got married in 1979 to Unni Bente
  • First child: Cecilie in 1982
  • Second child: Jeanette in 1986
  • Third child: Yvonne in 1988
1977 -
  • Post Office 1977 - 1980
  • PostGiro 1980 - 1995
  • Postbanken 1995 - 1999
  • DnB 1999 - 2001
  • EDB Teamco 2001 - 2004
  • EDB IT Drift 2004 ...

**** Recent Events

A very long time ago ...
  • Cecilie was "konfirmert" (confirmation) in May.
  • Super summer holidays ... SUN ... SUN ... and still more SUN
  • WOW I'm 40 ... heavy celebration (should I feel old now ?)
A long, long time ago ...
  • This summer has been ... wet, wet, wet ... and cold, cold, cold ...
  • Kawasaki ZZR600 is a "killer", however I'm still going strong. Check out my bike pages.
  • Visit to Las Vegas in November for Comdex Fall '98. Check this one !!!
A long time ago ...
  • Ride the winds of change ... Suzuki GSX600F in May.
  • WOW the Suzuki RF900R is just AWESOME !!! June 1999. I just had to buy one !!!
  • Tech-ED in Amsterdam 5. july - 9.july was just great.
  • Picked up MY NEW BIKE saturday the 10. july ! YES ... YES ... YES !
  • Visit to Australia and Korea in September was truly exciting.
  • Delivered bike for winter storage ... better safe than sorry ... October.
New milennium ...
  • Succesful Y2K conversion, both private and professionally. (With some minor glitches ...)
  • Moved professionally due to merger between Postbanken and DnB. Am now situated in Tollbugata 20, an old stone building downtown in Oslo.
  • Picked up bike from winter storage (April) ... however the weather is still COLD and WET ...
  • Summer holidays at Øye. River closed so I had to find an alternative to fishing salmon ... and YEAH ... I just love mountains ... Check this one ... SLOGEN !
  • Very successful DragRace at Gardermoen first weekend in August. Managed to get in and try out the track the following weekend ... WOW ! My respect for the guys doing 0 - 350 in less than 7 seconds (bike) grew noticably.
  • Autumn, and I'm sick, sick, sick ! Was careless in bad weather and caught pneumonia ... just awful ... and close to the end of this years MC season ...
  • Delivered bike for winter storage ... in tears ... November ...
Not yesterday ...
  • This looks promising ... hell I'm joking ... the f... weather is killing me ... literally ! I should seriously consider packing my bags and move ... but where to ?
  • Agreed to pick up bike from dealer (winter storage), April 18. Snow started falling during the night, and kept on throughout the following day ... UHA ... luckily everything (for once) went my way and I collected the bike the following day. Sun is shining, I'm all smile (but rusty) ... this is LIFE !
  • Jeanette was "konfirmert" (confirmation) in May
  • No longer working for DnB, sold to Telenor EDB, OK by me, this is probably exciting, lot of memories in this ... OK
  • Super summer holidays. Managed to find time for the Sko Uno Drag Festival at Mantorp. Check out this video clip (You need Windows Media Player v. 8)
  • Finally !?! Sold the Mazda (tears) and bought a Renault Laguna and a second car for my children (quite fast actually) Opel Corsa.
  • Brr, it's cold outside ! Delivered bike for winter storage ... October 19. Better safe than sorry, could probably have gotten a few more rides this season, but I am really content ...
Those were the days ...
  • Need to slim up ... lost 10 pounds so far (feb. 15.) ... YEAH !
  • Yvonne got a new pet, Bianca, March 24.
  • Picked up bike, April 5., excellent weather and riding condition. Have had quite a few nice rides this weekend.
  • Managed to lose another 10 pounds (apr. 7), but is still 5 pounds short of my goal. Will have to continue struggeling a couple of months more ...
  • This is probably the spring of a lifetime ... looks like summer to me ... already close to normal mileage for the entire season !
  • Summer was just GREAT ! Traversed Scandinavia two times, one on 2 & one on 4 wheels, YESS !
  • Dragrace both at Mantorp and Gardermoen this year was superb. Got my first 4 second run at Gardermoen the first weekend of August. God it's great !!!
  • Autumn, moved to Skøyen professionally, OK by me. However I'm still struggeling to loose the last two pounds, SHIT this is annoying.
  • Winter came suddenly this year. However now it's wet, wet, wet, and tomorrow I will deliver the bike for winter storage ... October 26.
  • The Renault Laguna was totalled, RIP, got hit by a truck on the motorway. Result here.
  • Ordered new car, Mazda 6, will be delivered January 31. next year.
So many years ago ...
  • Got my new car, the sleek new Mazda 6, January 31.
  • Picked up bike from winter storage, quite early this year March 19. Still rather cold and the roads were slippery, survived a scary moment when I found a patch of ice with water on top ... uha !
  • Yvonne was "konfirmert" (confirmation) in May
  • New keyboard. Finally I will get to spend some more time making music. The Yamaha Tyros is simply unbelievable. Check it out: Om Kvelden - local folk tune from Nordfjord. PS! This is "live",straight off the board with little practice, no addons whatsoever.
  • Super summer holidays. Mountain trips to Høgenibba & Molladalen.
  • Delivered bike for winter storage, end of October. Unable to find replacement model for the RF900R this year. Tried out the SV1000S, but this was not the model for me. Too weak in the passenger/touring department.
Some time ago ...
  • Still crazy after all theese years. I'm in love, Kawazaki's new model, guess which ...
  • On the road again ... picked up bike 2. April. Managed to catch a cold but is still just loving it, the weather has been just about perfect for rewarding pleasure rides.
  • First dragrace this season. Spring Nats on Gardermoen, 7-9. May. The weather was just great and a lot of interesting new cars & bikes. Still just testing for the "fast ones", only one TF team this time.
  • Dragrace both at Mantorp and Gardermoen this year was excellent for me since I focus on qualifying and fast runs. I normally don't watch the finals on sunday. Too much  waiting for my taste.
  • Near death experience. Close to Bismo travelling westbound on RV15 with fully packed bike and my wife as passenger. Approaching a left turn I find myself facing two cars side by side. A young kid (18) with a fresh licence is overtaking a german tourist, UHA ! Managed to slow down, but had to get off the road to avoid collision, and ditched the bike. Only minor damage to bike, mainly scratches.
  • 25 years since I started out as "Dataelev", studying to become an IT professional. Reunion party was just great.
  • Delivered bike for winter storage, October 22. After serious consideration I have decided to stick with the RF900R for at least one more season. Will get a thorough shape up this winter, now still kind of shabby after this summers slight accident.
Dark clouds on the horizon ...
  • Moved professionally due to general realignment of organisation. I'm now in a division called "Technology leadership", and in a department called "Basic platforms". This is really closer to my heart, than my previous position, so I'm really motivated and optimistic about this change.
  • Won a competition in Bil. Free use of an Opel Astra GTC Turbo for the Easter Holidays. Pretty fast this one, with 200 bhp and lots of torque. Check out my comments here (document used elsewhere so this sadly is in Norvegian).
  • Picked up bike and managed to get a couple of days with excellent riding conditions before returning to work. The bike is now "good as new" again, looks great, feels great, runs great, is really a gem ...
  • Our oldest daughter Cecilie finally moved out. Now rents an apartement at Jessheim, close to work.
  • New camera. Canon EOS 350D. Stunning pictures, will in due time be visible on this site.
  • Testdrive of the new Ford Focus 2.0 Sport. I'm really disappointed with this engine with a claimed effect of 145 Bhp. Model discarded.
  • Sadly had to "terminate" Bianca, July 7. The dog became extremly aggressive to some strangers in given situations, and with a lot of new kids in our neighbourhood we simply couldn't live with the risk. Entire family in mourning. Bianca will be sorely missed.
  • Jeanette will be going to London to study film for three years to come, starting in september. This I think will be just great for her !
  • Two attempts to fix a troubling health problem surgically both failed this summer. I'm now waiting for a third and hopefully final attempt in november.
  • Ordered new car for delivery jan/feb 2006. Another Mazda 6, this time with the new upgraded 2 litre petrol engine and 6 speed gearbox. Added with the Sumo package this is just a stunning car in black. Can't wait to get behind the wheel ...
  • Delivered bike for winter storage, early in October this year. Had to make sure I got this sorted before surgery next month.
  • Third and hopefully final surgery performed in november. Now still recuperating, and so far this looks good. Hope to be back at work early next year.
Annus horribilis ...
  • Surgery in november was sadly yet another total disaster. I am still totally disabled, and is now scheduled for a second opinion by Rikshospitalet. Hopefully this will solve this painful problem.
  • Picked up my new car january 31. Check out pictures and comments here
  • Will have to undergo further surgery at Rikshospitalet, hopefully in august. Have finally got a diagnosis, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and have found a lot of relevant material on the net. This is a pretty rare disease in Norway, but luckily this guy has built a great site with tons of information: David's place for HS sufferers (site is currently offline), but here is an alternative. In addition I've copied this informative article. You could also find relevant information here.
  • Tomorrow, monday 14. august, I expect to finally receive proper treatment for HS. Major surgery at Rikshospitalet. Hopefully this will in time result in total recovery.
  • Recuperating after three consecutive operations at Rikshospitalet. Painful period :-(
  • Examinations at Rikshospitalet uncovered a third remaining problem which will have to be addressed some time in the future. Deep connected fistulaes, DAMN !
  • Delivered bike for winter storage, October 17. After serious consideration I have yet once more decided to stick with the RF900R for at least one more season. This due to unresolved health issues. No point in having a brand new bike and not beeing able to ride it, or is there ...
Slow recovery ...
  • In January still recuperating from surgery. Luckily no new problems, so this looks quite promising.
  • New "alien" popped up late January in the middle of my back. SHIT ! I really hope this is just a plain acne cyst, and not another outbreak of Hidradenitis. Time will tell ...
  • Picked up bike from winter storage at Motoport Jessheim, March 28.
  • I'm still waiting for the acne cyst to heal completely in mid April. Finally got a new appointment at Rikshospitalet in May, and will probably then get an assessment of how successful last years treatment has been. From my point of view it still looks promising ...
  • My father passed away, 25. august, and I'm currently depressed. Generation shift, existential thought processes. Will I ever manage to put this behind me ? I wonder ... hit me really hard !
  • Delivered bike for winter storage, Octobre 17. After serious consideration I have decided to stick with the RF900R for at least one more season.
  • Turned 50, octobre 30. Due to my health situation limited celebrations. Will probably try to compensate for this next autumn ...
  • Annus horribilis this. Death ... death ... and death. Another funeral next week, this time a friend suffering from cancer. Damn ...
HS returns with a vengeance ...
  • Completed my PMA exams, delivering my final project report to HiO early February.
  • UHA ! Yet another "alien" showed up. Just about 10 cm above last years cyst. Hopefully this will be less painful than last years months in hell. Only time will tell ...
  • Picked up bike from winter storage at Motoport Jessheim, April 3. Cold spring this year . . .
  • Noooo ... Hidradenitis is back ... Terror ! Confirmed by GP, and now in queue for more surgery at Rikshospitalet.
  • Celebrated mine and Unni Bente's 50 year birthdays.Got a fantastic present: Drive a F1 car at Anderstorp. Hope for HS treatment and one fantastic day next summer. WOW !
  • Still waiting for admission to Rikshospitalet in Octobre. Our healthcare system is definitely in a crisis theese days.
  • Delivered bike for winter storage, Octobre 6. Not much riding this season, but however sad to part with the bike for cold weather & snow. Not my favourite time of year this.
  • Ordered new car for delivery jan/feb 2009. Yet another Mazda 6, this time with the diesel engine, AdvancePlus pack and leather seats. Got to just love this car :-)
  • Finally got admission time from Rikshospitalet; 8. january 2009. Waiting is literally killing me. Extreme pain 24/7, but somehow I'll just have to live through this :-(
Total disaster ...
  • Still waiting for surgery at Rikshospitalet as January draws to an end. This waiting is literally killing me ...
  • Picked up my new car january 30. Upgraded Mazda 6 with all the usable options. Stunning looks and probably as problem free as its predecessor.
  • Finally date set for admission to Rikshospitalet. 27. march. Wish me luck :-)
  • Surgery and still more surgery at Rikshospitalet ... 9th trip to the operating theatre 19. april, and still more to come !
  • Still in hospital bed at Rikshospitalet late June. More than 30 trips to the operating theatre and still not quite finished. Initiated process for disability compensation from NAV and my pension and insurance claims. Will be without income next month, and just now prospects for recovery are nonexistent. My professional life sadly is now history :-(
  • Back home mid July, but recovery is painfully slow. Will also have to undergo one more round of surgery later this autumn. Decided to leave the bike in winter storage until next spring. Maybe I'll be able to get a few short rides then ... have to keep up hope for improvement wherever I can theese days ;-)
  • Winter is here in November, and I am once more waiting for AHUS. Will probably have to wait until next year for final surgery. Still not fully recovered after last round, so patience comes easy.
  • New laptop with Windows 7 really rocks. Already installed tons of useful programs, and even some nostalgic oldies. Can't seem to avoid theese trips down memory lane. To be savoured and enjoyed !
2010 When it can't get much worse . . .
Ultraslow recovery ...
  • Now waiting for admission to AHUS. Need to run some tests before final surgery at Rikshospitalet. Hopefully finished this spring, but patience is sorely needed in my situation just now.
  • Tests performed at AHUS late march were relatively positive, now once more waiting for admission to Rikshospitalet. This time hopefully the final round of surgery.
  • Picked up bike early May, and hopes for at least a couple of rides this season ;-)
  • Patience is a virtue . . . July and still playing the waiting game. Our health care system is truly a pain in the ass ;-(
  • October and Rikshospitalet informed me they won't complete my treatment due to lacking resources ! I'm transferred once more to AHUS . . . OUCH ! So much for free hospital choice :-(
  • Delivered bike for winter storage, Octobre 19. Some short rides this summer, but no real enjoyment yet. This will have to wait at least another year ;-)
  • Upgraded keyboard, Novembre 27. The Yamaha Tyros 4 is simply put a completely new experience ! Will surely enjoy this in years to come ;-)
  • Admitted for final surgery at AHUS Decembre 1. Will hopefully be up & about and back home come time for Christmas celebrations. Wish me luck ;-)
  • Surgery 3. decembre ended up as a total mess, and an extremely painful failure. New surgery 8. decembre, and I'm back to the starting point with a severly battered and bruised body, Once more :-( Will have to wait at least 4 months for second attempt, and theese months I will surely need ! Will work on motivation and new round of tratment late spring 2011 :-)
2011 Searching for a miracle . . .
Positive thoughts ...
  • For the first time experiencing major problems with motivation. I really don't know if I'm up to undergoing one more round of surgery this year. Only time will tell ;-)
  • Picked up bike April 12. No plans whatsoever this season, so every ride will be a bonus !
  • New car April 22. ! The magnificent Mercedes CLK200 after first trying out the Mazda MX5 which didn't quite impress me this time ! Just love driving with wind in my hair in excellent spring weather for Norway this year :-)
  • Moving into our newly acquired  holiday house in Koppom, Sweden ! Just love this place :-)
  • Christmas holidays approaching fast. Surgery at AHUS postponed until spring 2012 (at least), which is just fine by me. Lacks motivation, and I'm sadly still not physically fit for another round of major surgery. Hopefully next year will be better ;-)
2012 Waiting for surgery at AHUS once more . . .
Patience is a virtue ...
  • Quit smoking January 16. in preparation for surgery ;-)
  • Spending a lot of my time at the cabin in Koppom theese days ! Izzie keeps me company, and Unni Bente visits frequently . . .
  • Became a proud Grandfather to Lilje in April.
  • Was scheduled for surgery at AHUS Novembre 30. Cancelled due to lacking resources. No new date set :-(
2013 Still waiting . . .
But for what I wonder ...
  • Will get asessment of medical condition at Rikshospitalet in February ! Finally ;-)
  • Surgery at AHUS March 8. Looks promising this time, but recovery is slow as always. Patience is needed ;-)